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Our Thinking
Prevention is better than cure, besides cure can be more expensive and time-consuming...

Our Vision
Our aim is to provide an elite security personnel & services in the field with proficinecy in weapon handling, that would provide anexcellent service to make our clients relaxed...


The Company
MAGNUM 4 (PVT)LTD is incorporated under the companies act No: 17 of 1982 with registered No: N(PVS) 18862 and Defence Ministry registered No: OU/CS/10/7/PS/626/005/012 with a view to meet the needs and requirements of our clients in the arena of security.

Our Team
Major Nalin C. Tillekeratne                                     - Managing Director
Mrs. Roshini N. Tillekeratne                                  - Director
Mr. M.Z. Abdeen (Ex Army Intelligence)                - Manager Operation
Mr. Prabath Siriwardana (Ex Army)                       - Sector Manager
Mr. Priyantha Perera (Ex Air Force)                       - Sector Manager
Mr. M.A. Caffoor (Ex Prisons Department)           - Sector Manager

Our Professionals
It is a great pleasure to inform you that we undertake every conceivable type of security coverage, including Security Consultancy, Cash and Valuables in transit accompanied by Armed Escorts (clad in uniform or otherwise). For this purpose we have in our fold personnel who have served and retired from the Armed Force and Police. We spare no pain and effort in providing each category of our employees an intensive training at the highest level of proficiency in all aspects of Industrial and Commercial Security. We therefore deploy offers who are highly trained, blended perfectly with dynamism, experience and are especially loyal, courteous and obedient to the client.
Our employees are provided with welfare facilities and also wish to mention that they are always encouraged to develop their careers.
All our clients are covered with a public Liability Insurance policy, which in addition covers Terrorist and Malicious Damage

Recruitment, Training and Benefits

The security carder that present the company has been well trained in the process of their being recruited right from the inspection so that they maintain the highest degree of discipline, being on alter and in vigilant whilst on duty in order to show swift response to any critical or emergency situation on the part of security personnel.
Our company is based on the standing orders that are:

  1. Company standing orders
  2. Client standing orders
  3. Points standing orders

the general standing orders and the individual unit standing orders. The set of company standing orders are prepared and put in to practice by the parent management making it common to all the security personnel irrespective of the unit where they are deployed covering all the scenario in the arena of security whilst the client standing orders moulded on client’s vision guide security personnel to perform their duties as an eye-opener as to what are the duties perform. Point standing orders will have be defined to various duty point such as main guard room, rear room loading and unloading including the rest of all security points.
The security personnel are remunerated well on time with the statutory scales prescribed by the wages board ordinance complemented with benefits of an insurance cover, welfare aspects, loans, gratuities, E.P.F. and E.T.F. contribution ect, so that they discharge the duties assigned to them with the least supervision through the honesty and integrity point of view.
Their basic training at the recruitment is followed by the refresher course in due course in order to suit their vision to the current circumstance, going on


Our Company and Operations
It is pertinent to mention that our Company had been approved by the Ministry Of Defence, hence we are entitled to use weapons if and when the necessity arises. We are also in a position to deploy armed personnel in uniform or otherwise, in any location.
We shall be only too pleased to conduct a security survey of our premises. Thereafter we shall submit

  1. A comprehensive report which will identify ingredients of professionals security coverage
  2. Our quotation for your consideration.

We are also geared to train your nominees in fire-fighting through our qualified fire-fighting instructor, at no extra cost.
Our range officers will visit your establishment both day and night. In addition, the manager security Operations will make a similar visit at least once a week to maintain a close rapport with the client to ensure that we have fulfilled our obligations to you.
We conduct a mandatory top-level meeting once a month to review and revise (if necessary) our security operations.

We consider it both a great privilege and pleasure to meet with you on any on date and time convenient to you in that we may convey our operations in greater depth and in addition to indicate how to best we could render an effective security service to you.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best attention at all times.


"We operate 24 hours a day and can be contact any time"

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